Every CD purchased helps me bring my music to the ears of listeners like you.  While I do not approve of the RIAA's heavy-handed tactics, the simple fact is that I can't afford to keep making music if I'm not fairly compensated for the music that I create.

I am an independent artist.  I don't have the financial or marketing support of a major label, so every penny counts.  I appreciate and encourage you to share my music with your friends, but please realize that hours of work and thousands of dollars went into the making of that little silver disk.  In turn, I realize that not everyone cares about the packaging.  So, following the lead of other independent artists, I ask that if you wish to burn copies of my CDs for friends, you (or your friend) mail us $5 for each copy burned.  Thatís all.  Just $5.  Nearly half the price of a movie ticket.  Less than a paperback novel.  About the price of a supersized lunch at McDonalds.  For $5, youíre putting food in my mouth, gas in my car, paper or ink in my printers, or strings on my guitar.  Itís not too much to ask, is it? 

If you'd like to make a contribution via PayPal, you can use this button:

If you'd prefer to mail a contribution, you can send a check or money order made payable to Trinity Demask to:

Excaligurl Records
P.O. Box 746494
Arvada, CO 80006-6494

If you'd like to purchase a song, songs, or a whole CD via digital download, my CDs are available through several online digital retailers including Apple iTunes, Napster, Amazon, and others.  You can also stream all my songs on services like Pandora, Spotify, and Rhapsody.

Thanks for respecting and supporting my work!

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